Bear-y Happy  


After Snuggle-ing our way through winter … the exhilarating scents of Spring have finally sprung!  

What’s even more exciting is providing clients like Sun Products with a consistent visual brand identity across all Snuggle SKUs. 

The goal of a consistent visual identity is for your audience to immediately recognize your brand when they see it on store shelves, on your website, in an online ad, or even something as basic as your business card. This means that those brand assets need to have a unified look and feel.  It’s about making sure the visual elements relating to the identity of your business remain constant across all collateral used for promotion. 

Visual perception of your brand is as important as the product or service you offer. You can’t have one without the other.

Does your brand need a visual refresh? Is it time to conduct an audit of your marketing materials to ensure consistency?  We’d be bear-y happy to help.