Dos Equis Luna Rising

Building off of the success of our 10+ year partnership with Dos Equis, we were asked to develop Limited Edition summer packaging graphics in support of the Dos Equis Luna Rising promotional campaign. Ryan Thompson, Brand Director for Dos Equis stated that “the Dos Equis Luna Rising taps into the energy of the night time occasion while providing our retail partners with a distinct, ownable and on trend program to drive incremental sales of Dos Equis and Dos Equis Dos-A-Rita.”

The packaging solution needed to complement POS and ATL communications while maintaining existing equities and differentiating between Lager and Ambar on shelf. Inspired by full moon parties, our design highlights the social and celebratory occasion of these nighttime gatherings by featuring dancers beneath the full moon, creating a dynamic billboard at point of purchase.

HMSDesign’s promotional packaging captures the energy of a full moon party, while maintaining the equities of the Dos Equis brand.