Are You MilkWise?

When HP Hood came to HMSDesign with a revolutionary new milk product, we knew it was an opportunity to disrupt the category. With less than two months between the initial briefing and the finish line, Hood asked our team to pull out all the stops. We partnered with Protagonist for the naming and positioning, while we developed brand image personality, identity and package design.

We had to be sure that our design lived up to and communicated MilkWise’s remarkable taste in a way that broke through the clutter of the dairy section while broadcasting the benefits of this new product. In test groups, consumers reacted positively to the real-life photographic approach. The bright lighting and strong family interactions bring a personal connection and enjoyment to the milk drinking experience. The final design direction communicates the product story of great-tasting milk in a fresh and modern way.

The overall white design creates a unified brand block while the non-traditional, bright colors help the product jump off the shelf.

“We were pleased with HMSDesign’s ability to quickly and successfully deliver a creative approach and treatment for MilkWise. We were equally impressed with their ability to use design elements to help clearly communicate the product’s attributes. The design creates a strong shelf presence for the brand in an already cluttered dairy case.” – Lynne Bohan, VP Public Relations, HP Hood