If you’ve got it, flaunt it!  

Bigelow Tea recently expanded its portfolio beyond bags and loose leaf into the Ready-to-Drink (RTD)
category with its launch of Bigelow Home Blend Iced Teas — a line of authentic, fresh-brewed taste bottled
teas that are as healthy as a cup of freshly brewed tea. The packaging graphics they launched
needed to work harder to let shoppers know this unique point of difference.


HMSDesign worked with Bigelow to optimize the packaging graphics to
better balance taste, health benefits, and flavor differentiation.



Our Solution



BigelowRTD_Lineup We dropped the added layer fresh-brewed communication — the Home Blend line name
We brought the flavor name forward to help with differentiation across the line
We optimized visual communication of fresh-brewed taste and appetite appeal
We maintained the tea tag equity and leveraged it to deliver the unique
point-of-difference — higher levels of 
naturally occurring Polyphenol — in a bold way




Highlighting the Health Benefits



Stands Out At Shelf



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