A refreshing & modern redesign

Spacer10TallWhile Dos Equis continues to be one of the fastest growing imported beers in America with
an incredible trajectory in both the US and in Mexico, the packaging needed a refresh.
Dos Equis challenged us with updating the entire portfolio to ensure that it continues to be
perceived as both modern and “forward thinking,” while honoring its heritage and authenticity.
An opportunity also existed to dial up refreshment cues while elevating quality perceptions.


A modernized identity grounded in heritage

The new visual identity features the “COIN” design, evocative of the Centenario, a Mexican coin,
first minted in 1921 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s independence.
The iconic red XXs have been simplified for modernity while maintaining strong recognition.Spacer50Tall



Continuity counts

Consistent brand staging of the Centenario “COIN” delivers a unified look across all packaging.
The updated die-cut bottle label and dynamic wrap-around can design adds refinement &
modernity. Secondary packaging utilizes a condensation background & bar surface alluding to
sociability by featuring the bottle, can and glass which deliver refreshment cues.Spacer50TallDosEquisBeforAfterBtl DosEquisBeforAfter12pk DosEquisBeforeAfter6pk


Maintaining consistency while differentiating

Line extensions utilize consistent use of the “COIN” to anchor the brand; while custom
typography & strong color-coding create differentiation between each style.


DosEquisTypeDetail DosEquisBottleFamily


Billboarding for improved standout at shelf


Through the use of overlapping panel-to-panel design elements, the updated
packaging billboards creating a stronger brand block than the previous design.





Maintaining a brand’s relevance

Our packaging refreshes have aligned with the ever-evolving design aesthetic of the category.


2016 College Football Promotion

As the Official Beer Sponsor of the College Football Playoff (CFP), this season Dos Equis
encourages fans to elevate their game day experience and aspire to GAME DAY GREATNESS!











Limited Edition / Seasonal Packaging




“Working with HMS on the recent Dos Equis brand visual identity refresh project produced remarkably successful test results in both the US and Mexico. Most impressive was the increase in purchase intent vs. our current packaging.

The above highlights that in addition to their strong design sense, HMS understands that in this competitive marketplace, design is instrumental in solving business challenges. Their keen insight, ability to look at problems through multiple lenses, and true partnership made the process smooth and efficient and the outcome highly successful.”

VP, Marketing Dos Equis

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