Brand Replenishment

A refreshed Pedialyte base product provides increased brand presence as well as flexibility and differentiation for a new sub-brand, AdvancedCare.

Fiesta Favorite:

+30% US market share in 18 months

(Source: 2013 Nielsen)

Designing Growth

From carrot farm to a pioneering CPG brand, our 10-year partnership with Bolthouse Farms included new product platforms, branding strategy and packaging graphics. Resulting in 58 percent growth in the premium juice beverage category.

Crafting Strategy

A playful pronunciation bubble paired with a distinctive and approachable brandmark create a fresh and energetic vibe that’s as unique as the beverage itself.

Keeping Things Interesting

Elegant, modern design steeped in historical brand tradition that significantly improved purchase intent and overall appeal in both the United States and Mexico.

Design is not a beauty contest.

At HMSDesign, we are results driven. Our mission is to help our clients create a distinct brand ethos that will engage consumers and deliver measurable results.

"Package design has the power to capture consumer attention and help grow brands."

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Recent Work

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